Friday, February 8, 2008

Stock in tests

After suspecting that I might be pregnant in January, I purchased a test at my local drugstore. This is a much different experience when you hoping to see 2 lines instead of one. Granted this was a week before I should actually have taken the test I was certain it would be positive. It was negative - GASP. These test looks for a hormone called hCG. So, not losing all hope I took a test the next day, which was still early, but I figured what's another $20 to know I shouldn't have a glass of wine and forever blame myself for my kid's SAT score.
The second line appeared and the adventure of pregnancy officially had begun - for me. Mike didn't really believe it until we were sitting at the OB's office and she confirmed, "Yes, those drug store tests actually are accurate."
This photo is at 10 weeks when I insisted I had a baby bump. In reality I had started eating like I was on a cruise ship and that "bump" is called junk food.