Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's next?

November 2014....

It's been a couple weeks since my Ironman Princeton journey ended.  I really enjoyed that race.  It was long enough to be challenging and short enough to still be a fast paced push.  As I was in the midst of races I was thinking, "OK, double this distance and you've got an Ironman."  My mind says, heck no to that.  My body says, sure I could do that.  My mom/wife voice says probably not now (yikes, there's a probably in there.  I noticed that too). So, that answers that for now.

But, what's next?

I've been biking twice, running and did the Old School Trail Run last Sunday. Mike and I ran the 5 miles together and took it easy on the technical trails that we know well.  He has a creaky knee and my hip is angry at me for chasing my son on his newly christened 2 wheeler sans training wheels (Yes!  Future biking partner!).   We had to resist the urge to turn it up when people were passing us.  In the end we really enjoyed it and truly got to soak in the brisk morning temps, beautiful fall foliage in Wissahickon park and each others company (thanks to a very generous Grandmom who hosted a sleepover party for M&M).

In general, I've been enjoying my free time in the morning and evenings and weekends.  Kind of.  I feel a little.... lazy.  A little... unstructured.  There's a wild script that my brain runs through:

Am I losing all this fitness I worked so hard for?
Is it realistic to stay in this shape?
Maybe I should focus on my nutrition now?
Screw it, I'm sleeping in.
I should go run/bike/swim.
Does it make sense to do a brick for no reason?
I'm so scared of swim practice.  That's so dumb.

December 2014....

After a series of doctor appointments to check out a small broken bone and slight torn Labrum in my right hip, I was cleared to run again.  This was after about 6 weeks of sitting on my butt "resting", feeling VERY sorry for myself and googling every possible treatment while hoping for a resulting magical bionic leg that would give me crazy speed.  Luckily, none of that was necessary.  The surgeon told me that I have very normal, "36 year old active female who gave birth to 2 children hips."  Thanks.  I think.
Basically my little break and tear are there, but they're not going to get better with surgery so deal with it and manage pain.  So, on I go to start setting goals for 2015.  Big trail runs and one crazy Tri.