Saturday, June 18, 2016

Escape the Cape Oly Tri 2016 Race Report

I signed up for Escape the Cape in November with my race partner Michelle and it snuck up on us!  I think we had so much attention on our 50k that it just wasn't on our radar.  We got a last minute hotel reservation in Wildwood Crest that was a short drive to Cape may and included a pool and was right on the beach - perfect for our 3 kiddos.

Training leading up tho this race was pretty lop sided toward running.  My swimming was minimal and I did a 25 mile bike a couple weeks before.  I did some spinning on the trainer, but most of my training was on the trails.  With that in mind, my goal was to finish under 3 hours and have fun.  In all honesty I wasn't super excited about this race.

The race itself went pretty well and it was fun to have our families with us to make a weekend out of it.  I'm on the fence if I will do it again next year.  It could be allot easier with logistics since we know what we're doing now.

The good:
1. I was very comfortable in the water.  The waves were the biggest I had ever swam in, but I had been told that the current was in our favor.  After jumping from the barge into the water and getting my bearings I was able to kinda coast in.
2. My bike time was fast for me.  On the bike, I'm better on flats that climbs.  18.6 mph avg pace.
3. The kids and mike were there to cheer me on.  I always love having them there and appreciate that it's a PIA for Mike.

The Not So Good:
1. The run was hot and kinda boring.  I've been spoiled by shady trails with beautiful scenery at a slower pace.  This was an out and back course in the hot sun with 3 beach stretches.  I was also ready to have my tri suit OFF at this point.
2. Hurry up and wait to get on a bus to transition, wait to get on the ferry, wait for the ferry to leave, wait in the food line, wait to get bike out of transition.  Lines, lines, lines.  It's a big race, I guess that's how it goes.
3. The bike course had allot of turns and was 2 loops which I'm not a big fan of.  I'm not a great cyclist so the turns complicated things for me.  I saw a gnarly crash and the course was pretty congested.  I almost crashed once when an oblivious lady swerved right in front of me and I hit a cone.